Full Risk Analysis


We follow the internationally recognised Six (6) step process;

  1. Establish the Client/Adviser relationship and establish the Scope of Service.

  2.  Gathering Client data and determining their goals and expectations.

  3. Analysing and evaluating the Client's financial position, cash and debt management, personal and business insurance, retirement planning, estate and tax and/or investment needs as required by the Scope of Service.

  4. Developing and presenting our written advice.

  5. Overseeing the implementation of the plan, and

  6. Monitoring and reviewing the plan.

This can require a series of meetings with a  prospective Client before our advice is finalised.

It also means I maintain a close on-going relationship with Clients, regularly reviewing progress and working with them over time to ensure their goals can be met.

Wills, Trusts & EPA's


We do not have the expertise to complete these services so at the point of the Needs Analysis we ask if they have a will, trust, or Enduring Powers of Attorney.

  • If the answer is yes - we gather details

  • If the answer is no, we offer to have Perpetual Guardian to contact them to arrange these services as required.

  • The Perpetual Guardian website is ...

Review of Existing Insurances


This is process is completed to gauge their effectiveness across;


  1. Competitiveness of their premium.

  2. Coverage of Risks as defined by a Needs Analysis.

  3. Policy Wording - The likelyhood of having a claim paid.

  4. Special Benefit requirements such as;

  • FREE cover for Children (conditions apply)

  • Household Expenses Cover

  • Rent Repayments Cover

Record Keeping


We keep a full track record of the;


  1. Implementation process of all Insurance Plans that we arrange.

  2. Records of all correspondence between us, our Client, insurance Company and any other Third Party as required.

These Private and Confidential records are securely and digitally stored and backed up on a daily basis.

These record can be provided to customers free of charge at their request . 


Provide a bound Prospective Client Presentation File


On completing stage 4 of the Risk Analysis, we bind our findings and written advice into a Presentation Folder that is theirs to keep as a record of our process and remind them of the  reasons why they have asked us to implement our recommendations for future reference.​

Fire & General Insurance


We do not provide any services that relate to these products.


We have "Gentleman's Agreements" with three different Companies that provide these services;


  1. Abbott Insurances Group - for our South Island Cients.

  2. Tower for our North & South Island Clients. (We receive a finders fee from this avenue).

  3. Combie Lockwood for our North Island Clients. (We receive a finders fee from this avenue).