Second Opinion Service .


With all the complexity and changes occurring in the Financial & Insurance Market space recently, many are questioning the suitability of the advice they have received in the past.

  1. To help people in this situation, we offer our Second Opinion Service, so they can make more informed decisions.

  2. We will invite them to an exploratory meeting where we can assist them to define what they want to achieve in the future.

  3. We will then review their current plans and determine if they are on course to achieve their Financial objectives. This includes discovering any gaps and presenting ideas and suggestions on changes that they can make to improve their opportunity for success.

  4. There is no charge for this services


Who do you know that would benefit from our Second Opinion Service?


Please advise us of their contact details by Message or e-mail and we will contact them Only Once to see if they are interested or not.


We also have South Island Clients who we regularly visit and we would love to give your Friends, Family or Colleagues, the same Service that you have experienced!

Mortgage & Rent repayments not Offset by ACC 

FaceBook Post, 15/2/2013


Did you know that there are Mortgage protection plans that insure your monthly mortgage repayments and when it comes to an accident claim, it is paid out WITHOUT ACC being offset!


Yes, this means that you not only get your mortgage repayments paid to you, but also ACC on top!

Some "Income Protection" Plan claim payments have ACC deducted from what your insurance company pays, and can in some cases mean there is NO payment required from your insurer!

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