How we "Add Value" to our Clients' experience with us;

1. I have a Client who lives and has a business in Woodville. I looked up their file to call them to see how business is, with the Gorge closed. Just in case he asked me about his insurances through me, i cast my eye over the covers and updated them through the insurance companies online client base.

I discovered an error in the premiums they had been charging my Client and so rang the Insurance Company to advise them of their error. The company investigated my 'claim' and found... that they were in fact over-charging my Client and deposited into their bank a/c 3 days later, an amount of $627.68 over over paid premiums since the policy first started.

Needless to say, my Client's were not only wrapped about the credit to their bank a/c but the fact that they had their cover through an Insurance Adviser and not direct with an Insurance Company or Bank - because the insurance company or bank, would not have noticed the error, let alone admit that they made a mistake and momentarily refunded the premiums!

2. A Client of ours had an Investment policy maturing, I recommended he reduce debt on his mortgage, but if he didn't want to, I could re-invest it for him.

He said that this means that only he and his wife had life cover? I said that his insurance company advised us, that only he had cover and not his wife - her cover was not renewed 2 years ago and it expired.

So I completed an audit on his file and found that not only had Michael arranged the renewal, (as I was down South at t...he time), but that he also had the actual e-mail that he used to send the renewal to the company! Yes, a 2 year old e-mail.

So I sent a copy of the signed renewal and the e-mail and asked the Insurance Company, why has this not been actioned? They said they'd have to check with their manager to see what the story was.


Long story short, they promptly re-instated our Client's cover and I told the insurance company that my Client will not be back paying any premiums, as the error was committed by you!

The company agreed not to pursue my Client for two years of premiums! ($597.60). I'd hate to think what would have happened if the Client had died during that time!


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  • Full Risk Analysis

  • Review of Existing Insurance Policies

  • Provide a bound prospective Client Presentation FIle

  • Wills, Trusts & Enduring Powers of Attorneys (These enquiries are out-sourced to a third party)

  • Record Keeping

  • Fire and General Insurance  (These enquiries are out-sourced to a third party)

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